HHPH is a mobile veterinary hospice in Pinellas County, FL.

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Quality of Life (QOL)

Time is nothing if it's spent suffering. We want quality time over quantity of time - ALWAYS. Your entire household should participate in evaluating your pet's QOL. This is an emotional situation - you can't expect to be accurate or unbiased. Get help from your friends,  family and veterinary team!

Basic QOL Scale

1. We want them eating

2. We don't want them vomiting

3. We want them clean and dry

4. We don't want them in pain

5. We don't want them anxious or afraid

6. They need to still love and hate all the things they usually love and hate

7. They need to have more good days than bad.

If your pet is missing any of these, we need to act - either to relieve their discomfort or to help them pass away.  Remember, there is always something we can do!

More extensive QOL evaluation:

You may simply print this form for your own use or submit it to us. It is helpful to have all members of the household fill out the form and compare answers.

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